We make sure to take care of your home/establishment as to not disturb it. We do our cleaning with care and speed, and also taking into account the quality of our service and the satisfaction of the customer.

Offices and Stores

- Cleaning of the floors and carpets.
- Office furniture cleaning, trashcans, etc...
- Cleaning of glass surfaces .
- Cleaning and maintenance of restrooms, WC, kitchens.

End of Lease

- Cleaning of shutters, windows' borders, windows, balconies and sunshades.
- Cleaning and disinfection of WC and restrooms, kitchens, home appliance furniture.
- Screw and nail removal, closing nail and screw holes, paint finishing.
- Door and Door knob cleaning.
- Vacuuming and cleaning the floor, cleaning of the mail box and garage/basement.


- Cleaning the floors with high pressured machines, both exterior and interior.
- Floor scouring and renovating.
- Strict evalutation of the proccess: products - methods - application - results.
- Washing and disinfection of carpets, mattresses, etc..


- Cleaning of any finger prints on glasses.
- Vacuuming and washing: staircases, entrance, doorsteps. Lightbulb replacing.
- Technical surveys, surveillance: (building, home, office, factory, store etc.).
- Dusting and cleaning of garages, basements.
- Brushing of the entrance hall carpet, window washing, green spaces.


- General dusting, cleaning and disinfection of surfaces.
- Cleaning and disinfection of WC, restrooms and kitchens.
- Removing any fingerprints on windows, window mechanical washing.
- Vacuuming, washing the floor.
- Mail management and recovery during short or long periods of the customer's absence.

Nettoyage, entretien et conciergerie

Nettoyage, entretien et conciergerie

Nettoyage, entretien et conciergerie

SVclean specializes in the cleaning of buildings and storehouses for other companies in the regions of Fribourg, Vaud, Valais, Neuchâtel. Do not hesitate on contacting us to inform yourself on our services: cleaning of commercial locations (stores, markets), cleaning of windows and showcases, cleaning of offices, cleaning post-construction and even your apartment and public locations (dressing rooms, WC…)